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Since 1981, The Curtoons Cartoon Company has been creating quality cartoon logos, humorous illustrations and funny comic characters for small “Mom and Pop” shops locally. Since 1999 we’ve been online branding companies with whimsical designs worldwide. Our unique business logo marks, entertaining characters and funky fonts have made us the “go to” cartoon logo design studio on the Internet! Curtis D. Tucker is a professional, sneaker wearing cartoonist with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Advertising Design with a passion for doodling since childhood. Compare our creative Logo Design Portfolio (3mb PDF) to any other image collection online. We double dog dare ya! View a quick selection of our funny cartoon logos. Also check out my first video tutorial. Curtoons is an American company owned and operated by an mid-western entrepreneur.

Curtis Tucker

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Funny Comics & Cartoon Pictures

This art studio creates more than customized logo designs! As cartoonists, we love to draw commercial illustrations and humorous pictures that can be printed or published for t-shirts, websites, books, newsletters, billboards and more. We write our own humor and sketch single panel gag cartoons for magazines, blogs and newspapers. We invite you to read our weekly updating comic like the one below.

Funny Hot Tub'n Chickens Cartoon

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We’ve dreamed up literally hundreds of funny characters ranging from cute dogs and adventure ducks to golfing cows and way out wacky aliens. We help bring to life comical characters so let us know what unique ideas you have in mind. From pencil sketch to final vector art you will be a part of the production process. We specialize in cute animals and groovy people.

Cheese Guy Character

Cranky Goat Logo

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We are uploading unique articles on logo design, advice on successful cartooning and genuine tips on logo design. Fantastic fun video tutorials on how to draw cartoons are also being produced. Any cartoonist wanting to learn more about selling cartoons will find us a very useful resource. We’ll connect you with the right buyers of cartoon material. Make money with your cartoons!

Cartoon Sketch

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