BBQ - Food - Restaurant Cartoon Logos

Here are a few eating and dining related cartoon logo designs we've done over the years. This is just a select few as we have done many more.

Let us know if we can create a logo for your BBQ business, restaurant or food related company.

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Beach Bum BBQ cartoon logo

Beach Bum BBQ's Cartoon Logo

One of our favorite cartoon logos from our early years. This logo was done for one of our many clients in the UK. They wanted to combine a beach theme with BBQ. We created the fun beach bum, with a bit of his bum showing, and had him grilling on the beach

Referee logo

Overtime Sports Bar & Grill Logo

We like doing sports bar and grill designs. They always lend themselves to fun characters, wacky fonts and creative designs. We combined an umpire with a chef to create this unique character.

Sandwich logo

Scrumdingers Restaurant Logo

One of the funnier business names we've worked with. The client wanted a fun sandwich character and we were more than happy to create this tongue wagging guy.

cartoon animal logo

The Dock Box Food Logo

We created a fun lunch box and seagull for this restaurant design. Rather than creating an entire dock we simply used the tops of the pier poles. Another circle design that would be easy to use on promotional merchandise like t-shirts.

Cartoon Dogs

Moose n' Eddies Pub & Grill

Two really cool cats. Well, not cats as much as beatnik dogs. One of my earlier logo designs. We put the characters in front of the brick wall to help forward the pub fell.

Pig and chicken logo

Pepe Pincho Food Logo

We receive requests for cartoon logos from all over the world. This is a sample design that was created for a business in another country. We love the pink and blue color combination and the smiling characters.

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